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Citroën Dispatch

This new generation Citroën Dispatch has an architecture optimised to be even more convenient, comfortable and safe. It incorporates the latest generations of driving aid technologies and engines, providing Unlimited Possibilities for you and your business.

Available in 3 lengths, it comes with:

• Optional hands-free sliding side doors
• Up to 1400 kg payload
• Up to 6.6 m3 of useful volume
• Up to 4 m useful length
• 1.25 m width between wheel arches



The design of New Citroën Dispatch is based on experience from the field of passenger cars and the world of the SUV. Its style is fluid, suave, confident and robust. Its character? Both energetic and soothing! The short horizontal bonnet is highlighted by wide headlights positioned at a height, giving a dominating position over the road.



The efficient architecture of New Citroën Dispatch is designed to adapt to all your needs, and is functional, practical and ergonomic. Its specifically reinforced new generation modular platform is based on C4 Picasso and SpaceTourer. 

It can carry up to 1400 kg in payload, 6.6 m3 in volume, with 4 m working length, and can pull up to 2.5 tonnes of trailer. Its modular design also has two wheel-base values (2.92 m and 3.27 m) and two rear overhangs (0.80 m and 1.15 m) combined for 3 different lengths.


New Citroën Dispatch is available in 3 lengths. In addition to two lengths M (4.95 m) and XL (5.30 m), this van is also available in a new 4.60 m version, both compact and practical. 

As with the other two lengths, M and XL, the XS can also carry a payload of up to 1400 kg.


For all situations! Thanks to its height limited to 1.90 m on all XS and M versions (1.94 m on the XL version), New Citroën Dispatch can easily enter all the car parks that are usually difficult to access for vehicles of this type.

It is no longer necessary to double park and risk fines, you can now reach the underground spot provided by your client as well as all shopping centre parking lots.



Citroën comfort at your service! Interior upholstery seats and the dashboard finish, outside and while driving, New Citroën Dispatch for your professional use also provides comforts taken from the world of passenger cars. Each journey is efficient and peaceful.




Hands full? No problem: the optional hands-free system opens and closes the side doors effortlessly, using the contactless system, exclusive in this category. Simply swipe your foot under the rear corner of the van, the vehicle unlocks and the corresponding side door automatically opens.

The same gesture is used to close the door and the vehicle locks automatically as you move away. This function simplifies loading and unloading operations when you have both hands full!




New Citroën Dispatch is the ideal partner for professionals searching for a tool that simplifies their everyday lives. Clever, modern and functional, New Citroën Dispatch is aimed at a wide range of professionals. Whether you are an artisan, deliverer, in the construction sector or in the service industry, there is a Dispatch for you!



New Citroën Dispatch also means relaxed, easy and safe driving. As well as the useful every day functions such as keyless entry and start, ignition and sliding side doors, New Citroën Dispatch also offers technology to facilitate your journeys.



This advanced traction control system optimises the traction of the front wheels according to the type of ground. 

Grip Control can be combined with the Work Site Pack (increased payload, raised suspension of 20 mm, engine cover plate) accentuating the traction of New Citroën Dispatch on difficult terrain.


This technology allows you to keep your eyes on the road while, in your field of view, on a transparent section, essential driving information is displayed (current and recommended speed, cruise control / speed limiter level, navigation instructions and collision risk alerts). 

Unprecedented for a vehicle of this sector!




Citroën Connect Nav (depending on version) is the new 3D navigation system, tactile, connected in real time and controlled by voice recognition or via the 7" tablet. 

Citroën Connect Nav is combined with connected services such as TomTom Traffic that provides real-time traffic information, location and prices of petrol stations and car parks, as well as other local points of interest. There is also the danger zones option, which provides real-time information about the route, including accident-prone and dangerous areas.


Do you want to listen to music from your smartphone or find your way? Simple and intuitive with Mirror Screen (requires a compatible smartphone)! Your compatible applications appear on the 7" tablet of your vehicle. Mirror Screen works with Apple CarPlayTM and MirrorLink®. Convenient!




Adaptive speed limiter

The adaptive speed limiter ​allows you to adjust the vehicle's speed to the speed of the vehicle in front. The automatic control system is able to reduce the speed by 20 km / h, using the accelerator alone.

Blind-spot monitoring

The Blind-spot monitoring system tells you when there is a vehicle in blind spots via an orange diode positioned in the corner of the rear-view mirror. Composed of four sensors in the front and rear bumpers, this system is active between 12 and 140 km / h.




Speed sign recognition and recommendation

A real innovation, this system works using the camera at the top of the windscreen. At all times, it provides the driver with information on the current speed limit. When a speed limit sign is detected, you can accept the recommended speed with the press of a button.

Active Safety Brake

This aims to reduce bodily injury by braking instead of the driver thanks to the multifunction camera at the top of the windscreen, in the following situations:

Between 0-30 km / h, it avoids collision with mobile or fixed obstacles or pedestrians.

Above 30 km / h, it reduces speed before impact.





The various diesel engines fitted to New Citroën Dispatch display mixed consumption and CO2 emissions information (XS lengths):
  • BlueHDi 95 BVM (70 kW - 210 Nm at 1750 rpm):     5.5l / 100 km and 144 g / km of CO2
  • BlueHDi 95 S&S ETG6 (70 kW - 240 Nm at 1750 rpm): 5.2l / 100 km and 135 g / km of CO2
  • BlueHDi 115 S&S BVM6 (85 kW - 300 Nm at 1750 rpm): 5.1l / 100 km and 133 g / km of CO2




  • BlueHDi 120 S&S BVM6 (90 kW - 340 Nm at 2000 rpm) : 5.3l / 100 km and 139 g / km of CO2
  • BlueHDi 150 S&S BVM6 (110 kW - 370 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.3l / 100 km and 139g / km of CO2
  • BlueHDi 180 S&S EAT6 (130 kW - 400 Nm at 2000 rpm): 5.8l / 100 km and 151 g / km of CO2


*Price excludes VAT and Fees

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